Apartments Bohemian Paradise

Apartments Ktová


Apartments Ktová offers accommodation in town Ktová, in region Bohemian Paradise.

Apartments Vlastík


Apartments Vlastík is located in the tourist region Czech Paradise, near the town Jicin. The cottage is almost in a remote area, 200m from the forest and 20 meters from the romantic pond Lhotak.

Apartments Tunka Zdeněk

Mala Skala

Zdeněk Tunka offers two buildings away from the owner’s house. Both the buildings are located in a quiet part of the village of Malá Skála, in the beautiful tourist region of the Bohemian Paradise. Accommodation in Pension Tunka offers a total of 28 beds in other surrounding buildings. For more information, please contact the operator of the Pension Tunka.

Apartaments Trosky


Trosky Apartments offer accommodation in two separate apartments in a new building in the village of Troskovice, in the heart of the Bohemian Paradise region.

Apartments Kopanina


Apartments Kopanina is located above the village Frydstejn in Bohemian Paradise. The surroundings of the cottage Kopanina is one of the most attractive areas in the Bohemian Paradise - ruins of castles Frýdštejn, Jizera river and other tourist destinations offer an attractive and active holiday.

Cottage Trosenka


Cottage Trosenka with a swimming pool. It is a completely renovated farmhouse in the middle of beautiful nature of the Bohemian Paradise, a protected landscape area. It is in the village of Troskovice, settlement of Tachov at the altitude of 349 m above the sea level, about 500 m by air from the Trosky castle.

Apartments - Holiday House U Peštů


Apartments offers accommodation in one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the Czech Republic - Czech Paradise. The area attracts visitors to the rocks towns, fairytale castles, picturesque villages and lakes. Romantic scenery encouraged to walking and cycling. Holiday House is situated in a small village Roudný, near the ruins castle Frýdštejn.

Apartments Josef Brozek

Rovensko pod Troskami

Apartments Josef Brozek is located in town Rovensko pod Troskami, lies in the tourist region Czech Paradise. Rovensko pod Troskami located near the main tourist sites of Bohemian Paradise - areas of the castle ruins Trosky and rock city Hruboskalsko. Apartments is suitable not only for tourists and cyclists, but also families with children.

Apartment Atelier

Mala Skala

Apartment Atelier located on the bank of the Jizera river in the center of village Malá Skála, in the tourist region of Czech Paradise.

Apartments Adam


Apartments Adam offer you extra accomodation in town Turnov. Forget the classic hotels. Accommodation in apartments Adam offers you much more. Apartments are situated just 100m from the main square in Turnov, so you can choose a different local restaurant every evening. You can also visit a famous museum of Bohemian paradise and the churches are also worth to see.

Apartments Na rozcestí

Lomnice nad Popelkou

Apartments Na rozcestí is located in city Lomnice nad Popelkou, Apartments is located on the outskirts of the city, in the place which is called Košov. City Lomnice nad Popelkou lies in Pojizeří, on the border tourist regions Giant Mountains and Czech Paradise.

Apartment Zrcek

Mala Skala

Apartment Zrcek located in the village Malá Skála near the town Turnov, in the tourist region Czech Paradise.

Apartments Vila Bobes


Apartments Vila Bobes offers accommodation close to city Sobotka, in town Podkost, a beautiful area of Bohemian Paradise.

Apartman Český ráj, Turnov


Accommodation Český ráj offers accommodation in city Turnov, in region Bohemian Paradise.

Apartments Duo Camp


Apartments are a part of the Duo Camp and is situated in town Branžež, in region Bohemian Paradise.

Apartment Na Kozinci


Apartment Na Kozinci offers accommodation not far from the centre of the town of Jilemnice, in the Giant Mountains region.

Pension Helga


Guest House Helga offers accommodation in the tourist region Czech Paradise. This is a family house, located in the town Zdar, near the castle Drábské světničky and Příhrazské rocks.

Apartments Villa Diana

Bela pod Bezdezem

Apartments Villa Diana is situated in the heart of the picturesque town Bělá pod Bezdězem, which is surrounded by beautiful countryside and a number of interesting tourist places. Bělá pod Bezdězem is located on the border of several attractive tourist areas – Czech Paradise, Kokořínsko and Macha Lake. Apartments Villa Diana offers accommodation in a quiet area near the maqin square. Accommodation is suitable for businesses, cyclists and tourists, but also for organizing training courses and seminars.

Apartment Sedmihorky


Apartments Sedmihorky offers accommodation in the tourist region Czech Paradise in the village Karlovice - Sedmihorky, which lies near the town Turnov.