Cottages Bohemian Paradise

Apartments Tunka Zdeněk

Mala Skala

Zdeněk Tunka offers two buildings away from the owner’s house. Both the buildings are located in a quiet part of the village of Malá Skála, in the beautiful tourist region of the Bohemian Paradise. Accommodation in Pension Tunka offers a total of 28 beds in other surrounding buildings. For more information, please contact the operator of the Pension Tunka.

Cottage Podůlší


Cottage in Podůlší is situated in a quiet area near the main road from town Turnov to town Jicin, in the tourist region Czech Paradise. Accommodation is ideal as a starting place of many trips to rock city Hruboskalsko or surroundings of Jičín and Prachovské rocks. Simultaneously cottage is ideal for holidays with children –as capacity and large garden with great range of children - pool, sandpit, swings, trampoline and more.

Cottage Vlastík


Cottage Vlastík is located in the tourist region Czech Paradise, near the town Jicin. The cottage is almost in a remote area, 200m from the forest and 20 meters from the romantic pond Lhotak.

Cottage Na Svazence


Wooden cottage Na Svazence offers accommodation on the outskirts of village Skokovy, in tourist region Czech Paradise, 20 km from the town Jicin. Cottage is located on a large fenced garden, near to the forest. Open April-October (04.01 - 10.31).

Cottage Hřmenín


Cottage Hřmenín offers an ideal place for family holiday with children, place for bike or walking trips in the Český ráj area. For example into the surroundings of city Jičín, Prachovské rocks, city Sobotka or castle Kost.

Chalet Marie Šimková


The Marie Šimková cottage offers accommodation at the edge of the village of Komárov, on the northern part of Kozákov Hill, in the beautiful surroundings of the Czech Paradise.

Cottage Pavel


ACCOMMODATION UNDER CASTLE PECKA - located on the outskirts of the town Pecka, which lies on the border of Czech Paradise and Giant Mountains. Peca is a typical highland city, whose main landmark is Gothic castle.

Lovecka Cottage

Nova Paka

Lovecka Cottage offers accommodation in town Vrchovina, close to city Nová Paka, in region Bohemian Paradise.

Accommodation Milena Cihlářová


Accommodation in recreational cottage, which lies near the forest in the village Skokovy in Czech Paradise, is ideal for families with children.

Cottage Milena Cihlářová


Cottage Milena Cihlářová offers accommodation in a brick cottage with a solar-heated swimming pool, next to a forest on the outskirts of village Skokovy, 6 km from Kost Castle and 20 km from town Jičín. Village Skokovy is located in the tourist region Czech Paradise.

Apartments U Vodníka


Apartments U vodníka located in village Roveň, near castle ruins Torsky, in the popular tourist region of Czech Paradise.

Apartment U čerta v Ráji


Apartment U čerta v Ráji is located in village Kacanovy, in the tourist region Czech Paradise. Apartment is located just 3 km from the castle Wallenstein, rock city Hruboskalsko and 5 km from town Turnov.

Pension Amulet

Hruba Skala

Pension Amulet is situated in village Hruba Skala - Rokytnice. There you can visit many monuments, castles and beautiful nature of tourist region Czech Paradise.

Apartments Roubenka Amulet

Hruba Skala

Roubenka - Amulet offers accommodation in two separate apartments. Amulet is located in the village Hrubá Skála - Rokytnice, in a beautiful setting in the Podtrosecké valley overlooking on the castle Trosky.

Accommodation Kopanina


Cottage Kopanina is located above the village Frydstejn in Bohemian Paradise. The surroundings of the cottage Kopanina is one of the most attractive areas in the Bohemian Paradise - ruins of castles Frýdštejn, Jizera river and other tourist destinations offer an attractive and active holiday.

Villa Sobotka


Villa Sobotka offers accommodation in the outskirts of town Sobotka with panoramic views of the Bohemian Paradise.

Cottage Hrachovice

Mirova pod Kozakovem

Cottage Hrachovice is located near the town Turnov, in the direction of the Bohemian Paradise - Mount Kozákov. Quiet semi-solitude and a large garden, offering undisturbed rest and other outdoor activities. The house is after complete reconstruction.

Pension U Turka


Pension U Turka offers accommodation in town Čížovka, in a beautiful area of Bohemian Paradise.