Cycle routes

The Turnov area: Around the prehistoric settlements of Sychrov


An undemanding trip without any steep climbs or descents and a length of 40 km. The route leads from Turnov to Přepeře and Svijany, on to Nechálov and then through Sedlíšťka to the Sychrov Chateau. From there, it heads back to Turnov via Jenišovice.

Turnov cycling route


The route copies 24 km long circle around Turnov and neighbouring villages.

From Turnov to Frýdštejn and Kopanina


This trail will take you to Kopanina with a lookout tower on the border of the Bohemian Paradise and the Jizerské Mountains. On the way, you will visit the Frýdštejn castle ruin and the Jizera summer resort Malá Skála.

The Turnov area: to the Mohelka valley


An easy trip which mainly leads downhill. It is 44 km long. The route leads from Turnov through Dolánky and to Jenišovice, then through the Mohelka Valley to Podhora. It then ascends to Soběslavice and heads through Čtveřín and Přepeře back to Turnov. It is possible to extend the trip to Mohelnice, which adds a further 11 km.

The Turnov area: through Hrubá Skála and around Mužský


A trip of medium difficulty which is suitable for trekking bicycles and is 45 km long. The trip leads from Turnov to Valdštejn, passes the Bukovina Arboretum to Kacanovy, from where it then continues through Skokovy to Žďár and Ploukonice and back to Turnov via Přepeře.

Podhora - Ploukonice

Svijansky Ujezd