Folk architecture

Dlaskův Statek


The museum farmhouse called Dlaskův Statek is a typical example of traditional architecture in the region of the Jizera River.

Zvědavá Ulička Monument


The Zvědavá or the Curious Lane is an extraordinary set of traditional folk architecture.

Klemencovsko, exposition of the Železný Brod Museum

Zelezny Brod

The building named Klemencovsko dates back to 1792. It is the last preserved example of curbed frontage at the square in Železný Brod, the relics of one of the loveliest buildings in the once wooden town.

Educational round trail in Trávníky

Zelezny Brod

The educational round trail takes tourists to the historic environment of timbered and curbed buildings in the monument zone and monument reserve named Trávníky that offers various monuments of traditional folk architecture, walled classicist houses, sandstone fountains, etc.

Šolcův Statek Farmhouse


The best-known building in Sobotka, built in 1811, now used as a gallery.

Vesec u Sobotky Village Monument Reserve


The village was declared a rural monument reserve of folk architecture in 1995. The reason is the unique, well-preserved Czech village of radial development - a set of 18 , mostly timbered houses - various types of farmstead.

Bičíkův Statek and Holánův Statek - museum farmhouses


The museum farmhouses Bičíkův Statek and Holánův Statek are wonderful examples of traditional timbered buildings in Příšovice.

Železnice Urban Monument Zone


A spa resort with interesting buildings around the square is a unique urbanistic formation built in the Imperial style.

Kopicův Statek


This fabulous timbered house was built at the beginning of the 19th century in the place of a previous old building. In front of it, there is an equestrian sculpture of St. George made by a folk artist in 1826. It is situated in the middle of the forest, on the platform of Hruboskalsko, and is considered one of the best known monuments of folk architecture in Český Ráj.

Karlov Monument Reserve

Lomnice nad Popelkou

Karlov, a local part of Lomnice nad Popelkou, was declared a folk architecture preserve.

Wooden belfry in Rovensko

Rovensko pod Troskami

The wooden belfry in Rovensko pod Troskami is the town\'s most important tourist attraction. It is situated outside the Church of St. Václav and was built in 1630.

Mužský – Boseň Monument Reserve


Mužský - Male, a part of Boseň, is one of the best-preserved rural settlements in central Bohemia. The little village is located under the hill of Mužský.

Malá Skála Gallery - Bouček`s homestead

Mala Skala

Bouček`s homestead is a timbered building, which is a magnificent example of folk architecture. The Visual Arts Gallery has its seat in the building.

Polygonal belfry in Vyskeř


The wooden eight-sided belfry made of wooden logs is a prominent feature of Vyskeř.

Bítouchovská Zvonička - Belfry


The little belfry with an onion-shaped dome, covered with shingle, is one of the most significant monuments of folk architecture in the region of the Jizera River. The walled belfry, built in 1812, is located at the red trail, in the slope above the road in Bítouchov, part of Semily.

Folk architecture in Sobotka


There are about twenty half-timbered houses of urban type from the end of the 18th century in Sobotka.

Wooden belfry in Dolní Sytová

Haje nad Jizerou

A four-pillar wooden belfry.

Timbered Farmhouse and belfry in Škodějov


Timbered houses, typical folk architecture of the Krkonoše area, are present in nearly every municipality of the upper Jizera region. They are wonderful examples of the architectonic skills and art of our ancestors.