Hostels Bohemian Paradise

Tourist cottage Vyskeř


Tourist hostel offering accommodation in the picturesque village of Vyskeř, not far from the town of Turnov in the beautiful Bohemian Paradise region.

Pension - Holiday House U Peštů


Pension offers accommodation in one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the Czech Republic - Czech Paradise. The area attracts visitors to the rocks towns, fairytale castles, picturesque villages and lakes. Romantic scenery encouraged to walking and cycling. The guesthouse is situated in a small village Roudný, near the ruins castle Frýdštejn.

Recreational Centre Vesec

Mirova pod Kozakovem

The Vesec recreational resort offers accommodation in the village of the same name, which is located approx. 10km away from the town of Turnov, in the region of the Czech Paradise. It is located in beautiful countryside near to a forest, at the southern foot of Kozákov Hill.

Tourist hostel Stonožka

Nova Paka

Tourist hostel Stonožka offers accommodation in city Nová Paka, between region´s Bohemian Paradise and Giant Mountains.

Tourist hostel Galerka Lišný


Tourist hostel Galerka is located in the village of Lišný, which is about 2 km from the village Malá Skála. The village of Malá Skála is one of the tourist centers of the Bohemian Paradise tourist region.

Hostel U Tlusťocha

Mala Skala

Hostel U Tlusťocha offers cheap accommodation on the bank of river Jizera in village Mala Skala. Village Mala Skala is one of the tourist centers of Bohemian Paradise and is located on the road E65 Turnov - Zelezny Brod. Hostel\'ll find in the sports center Žlutá plovárna, which offers not only accommodation and meals, but also many other sporting activities, too.