Hotels Bohemian Paradise

Motel Charlie, Kovač


Motel – Pension Charlie is located in the village Kovač, which lies 14 km from miasta Jičín. Jičín is one of the tourist centers in region Czech Paradise. Charlie Motel is an ideal place for families with children, but also for venue for weddings and stays seniors. Motel is located approximately half way from town Jičín to town Horice.

Hotel pod Sikmou vezi


Hotel Pod Šikmou Věží offers accommodation in the Bohemian Paradise area at great prices. It enjoys a unique location, 5 km from the fairytale town of Jičín, right in the centre of the Bohemian Paradise and the Prachov Rocks..

Hotel Králíček


The Hotel Králíček offers accommodation in the village of Kacanovy, 3 kilometres from the town of Turnov. This town is the heart of the Bohemian Paradise region, approximately 90 kilometres north-west of Prague.

Hotel Štekl

Hruba Skala

Hotel Stekl offers luxury accommodation in the heart of tourist region Czech Paradise Hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of the castle Hrubá Skála.

Parkhotel Skalní město, Prachov


Parkhotel Skalní město offers accommodation in town Pařezská Lhota, close to city Jičín, in region Bohemian Paradise.

Hotel U kapra

Lazne Belohrad

Hotel U kapra offers accommodation in the center of Lázně Bělohrad, in region Bohemian Paradise.

Hotel Galatea


Hotel Galatea is located in small town Kosmonosy, about 4 km from the city Mladá Boleslav. The town Mladá Boleslav is situated on the Prague - Liberec expressway, between the Bohemian Paradise and Máchovo Lake - Českolipsko. The hotel offers year-round luxury accommodation for both private and corporate clients.

Hotel Na Výšince


Hotel Na Výšince is located in the center of town Turnova, in the Czech Paradise. Guests of hotel Na Výšince use sports center with tennis courts, bowling, badminton, golf simulator and fitness, that is 100 meters from hotel away.

Hotel Pošta


Hotel Pošta is located in the historic center of town Sobotka in tourist region Czech Paradise.

Hotel Starý mlýn

Zelezny Brod

Hotel Starý mlýn is located in a quiet part of town Železný Brod. The Jizera River flows through the town, along which the Greenway Jizera cycle path leads to Malá Skála and then to town Turnov. Železný Brod is known for its centuries-old glass tradition, Malá Skála is a tourist center of one of the most beautiful areas of the Bohemian Paradise - Maloskalsko.

Bohemia Inn Hotel


Bohemia Inn Hotel is located a few minutes from downtown near a large park, which follows the valley of the river Jizera. From the hotel leads a number of well-marked trails, which can be used both for tourism and for mountain bike tours.