Lookout towers and viewpoints

Drábské Světničky

Mnichovo Hradiste

The Drábské Světničky, a former rock fortress, used to dominate the flat edge of the rock pillar near the basalt hill named Mužský, not far from Mnichovo Hradiště.

Kozákov Lookout Tower


Kozákov is the highest hill in Český Ráj. On the top, there is the Riegrova tourist chalet built in 1928; in 1993 a metal tower was added whose gallery is used as a lookout point.

Lookout points in the Příhrazské skály Rocks


The sandstone area east of the basalt Mužský Hill features many places with far-reaching views of the surrounding area.

Kopanina Lookout Tower


The Kopanina is one of the first lookout towers built by the Czech Tourist Association.

Mužský Hill


On the top of the basalt mound, located in the western part of the uplands named Vyskeřská Vrchovina, you can come across a memorial built in memory of the battle of 1866.

Dubecko Lookout Tower

Mirova pod Kozakovem

The lookout tower on the top of Dubecko was set in operation in December 2001. It is used by mobile operators as well.

Lookout points among the Hruboskalsko Rock Formations

Hruba Skala

There are several lookout points offering beautiful views of the Hrubuskalsko rock formations and its surroundings. Some views can be found along the Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise and others outside the Golden Path.

Valdicka brana


The Valdická Brána - Valdice Gate is a Renaissance structure that was built between 1568 and 1578 as a part of the town fortification. The highest storey, in the late Baroque style, dates from 1768; the upper part of the tower with a gallery and a tent-shaped roof was built in 1840. It is a typical dominant feature of the town silhouette.

Raisova Chalet with a lookout tower

Lazne Belohrad

The chalet is located on the top of Zvičina, not far from Lázně Bělohrad. It was built in 1904 to replace a former inn.

The Zahrádka lookout point

Mala Skala

A lookout point on Malá Skála at the end of Vranovský hřeben ridge.

View from the ski jump

Lomnice nad Popelkou

The unique gallery is a part of the ski jump.

Hlavatice Lookout Rock


The sandstone rock offers views of the surroundings.

Lookout points in the Prachovské Skály


The lookouts offer bird`s-eye views of the Prachovské Skály.

Krkavčí Skála


The Krkavčí Skála is a protuberant rock block on the left bank of the Jizera River, some 100 m above its water surface.



Lookout points in the Klokočské and Betlémské skály Rocks

Mirova pod Kozakovem

Lookout points in the Klokočské and Betlémské skály Rocks offer beautiful views of the Jizera River valley, the Besedické and Suché skály Rocks, the Hamštejnský hřeben Ridge and Kozákov.

Lookout points in the Besedické skály Rocks


The Besedické skály Rocks are located on the left bank of the Jizera River above Malá Skála. The walls of the rock maze hide the Kalich praying room, among other things. The ladder is cut into sandstone, with an inscription bearing the year 1634. At that time, secret services of the Czech Brethren were held during the anti-reformation period.

Lookout Tower on the top of Tábor

Lomnice nad Popelkou

The hill of Tábor, covered with forest, and its lookout tower is a popular tourist destination.

The Milohlídka – Čeřovka Lookout Tower


The Čeřovka elevation is located in the northern end of the town of Jičín. In 1843, the oldest lookout tower in Bohemian Paradise, Milohlídka, was built on its top.

Mariánská Vyhlídka

Hruba Skala

The most visited rock lookout point in Český Ráj.