Museums and galleries

Museum of Český ráj, Turnov


The expositions of the District Museum of Český Ráj offer a unique opportunity to get to know Turnov and the whole region. Since 1886, the Museum has been collecting documentary materials about the natural wealth of Český Ráj and its cultural history.

Nová Paka City Museum - Precious Stones Treasure House

Nova Paka

The Precious Stones Treasure House is a separate exposition of the City Museum in Nová Paka.

Regional Museum and Gallery in Jičín - Museum of Play


The Regional Museum and Gallery is located in the premises of the chateau in Jičín. The unique interactive exposition presents the history of the Waldstein family.

Běliště, exposition of the Železný Brod Museum

Zelezny Brod

The Běliště is the largest and the most beautiful example of traditional folk architecture in Železný Brod.

Museum of Dolls and Teddy Bears


The Museum of Dolls and Teddy Bears below Trosky Castle is the only museum of this kind in the Czech Republic. On the exhibition premises of 300 m2 you will find about 1,000 exhibits.

Krkonoše Museum in Jilemnice


The Jilemnice Museum focuses especially on the history and ethnography of the Western Krkonoše Region and the beginnings and development of the skiing sport in Bohemia. Metelka`s mechanical crib is a curiosity of the Museum.

Šolcův Statek Farmhouse


The best-known building in Sobotka, built in 1811, now used as a gallery.

Dlaskův Statek


The museum farmhouse called Dlaskův Statek is a typical example of traditional architecture in the region of the Jizera River.

Nová Paka City Museum - Sucharda`s House

Nova Paka

The City Museum in Nová Paka has its own historical exposition and exhibition rooms in the former family house of the Suchard artistic family.

Semily Museum and Pojizerská Gallery


The Museum is located in the house where Ivan Olbracht was born.

Škoda Museum

Mlada Boleslav

In 1895 Václav Laurin and Václav Klement teamed up to start their own business. As a result, ŠKODA is one of the world´s oldest automotive brands. The Museum has revived this story in authentic locations – former production halls where ŠKODA manufactured automobiles until 1928. The story continues right “next door”, in the brand´s biggest and most modern plant, where new ŠKODA vehicles roll off the production lines every day. History is in constant motion also in the Museum building: exhibitions, events, concerts and, last but not least, regular refreshments of the exhibits offer all-year inspiration and diversity.

Museum of the Mladá Boleslav Region

Mlada Boleslav

The Museum exposition focuses on the history of the town and the region, with an untraditional museum playroom added to it, offering activities to visitors.

Železný Brod City Museum

Zelezny Brod

The City Museum has two permanent expositions. The glass-making exposition is located in the building of the savings bank on 3. května Square and presents the development of the glass-making industry in Železný Brod. The ethnographic exposition is located in the biggest timbered construction in Železný Brod, dating back to 1807 and called Běliště.

Gallery Granát


The origins of the exhibition about Granát Turnov’s artistic production date back to 1998 to the 45th anniversary of its establishment and some four years further back to the Stone and Jewel summer event held in July in the Bohemian Paradise.

Town museum in Rovensko pod Troskami

Rovensko pod Troskami

The exposition of the City Museum focuses especially on stone grinding. We will find three grinding tables here, an abrasive wheel, ground stones, the guild flag and other exhibits.

Fráňa Šrámek`s Birthplace


To honour the memory of Fráňa Šrámek, poet and a native of Sobotka, in 1958, an exposition was installed in the house where he was born.

Engineering Museum in Loukov

Haje nad Jizerou

The Engineering Museum is located in Háje nad Jizerou, in the Loukov part of the municipality. You will find it by the road, in the direction towards Jilemnice - the first house on the right, behind the bridge.

Vintage Jawa Museum, Rabakov


The private museum of Jawa vintage motorcycles, which is situated in the centre of the village of Rabakov about 16 km away from Mladá Boleslav.

Templ Town Palace, Mladá Boleslav

Mlada Boleslav

The Late Gothic palace was built in about 1490 as the seat for the administrator of the Boleslav demesne. The three-storey building is a gem of the Late Gothic architecture from the Jagiellonian Period.