Outdoor swimming pools

Komárovský Pond


Komárovský, also called Velký Pond, is located in the recreational resort Branžež – Nová Ves.

Bažantník Pond


Bažantník Pond is situated in the picturesque region of Český ráj, not far from Lázně Sedmihorky.

Mladá Boleslav swimming centre

Mlada Boleslav

The newly reconstructed town swimming centre is ideal for active relaxation on hot days.

Jinolické Ponds


Jinolické Ponds consist of three ponds – Oborský Pond, Němeček Pond and Vražda Pond that are located in picturesque environment under the Prachovské Skály Rocks.

Drhlenský Pond


The Drhlenský Pond is situated some 7 km to the southeast from Mnichovo Hradiště, to the east from Kněžmost.

Kníže swimming centre


The Kníže swimming centre features 3 outdoor swimming pools.

Dachovy swimming centre

Lazne Belohrad

A swimming centre with stylish wooden locker rooms, sandy beach, 2m spring board, roller coaster, wooden island, accommodation and refreshments, volleyball and beach volleyball courts, netball, table tennis and children\'s playground. The centre is also suitable for small babies.

Dolní Kalná swimming centre

Dolni Kalna

The swimming pool is situated in the valley of a brook, 7 km from Hostinné.

Dolní Bukovina swimming centre

Horni Bukovina

An artificial lake with grass beaches.

Bělá pod Bezdězem swimming centre

Bela pod Bezdezem

The swimming centre fed with quality spring water is a sought-after place to relax. Sandy beaches in the shade of tall trees offer a pleasant rest as well as active sporting relaxation.

Chuchelna swimming centre


Artificial swimming pool with a sand beach and wading pool for children.

Kněžmost swimming centre, sports grounds


A pool with a wading pool and massage jets.

Železný Brod swimming centre

Zelezny Brod

A nice swimming pool with a roller coaster situated at the edge of the town.

Košťálov swimming centre


The Košťálov swimming centre is situated at the edge of the village, below the ruins of the castle of Košťál.

Lomnice nad Popelkou swimming centre

Lomnice nad Popelkou

An irregularly shaped swimming pool with an island in the middle is situated in the natural scenery of Obora, near the station.

Pecka swimming centre


A first rate outdoor swimming pool with top quality water.

Kacákova Lhota swimming centre

Kacakova Lhota

An artificial lake at a brook. The swimming centre features a volleyball court, bowling alley, slides and wading pool.

Kacanovy swimming centre


The Kacanovy swimming centre occupies the very heart of Bohemian Paradise. Its surroundings are ideal for hiking and cycling.