Places of natural interest

Mužský Hill


On the top of the basalt mound, located in the western part of the uplands named Vyskeřská Vrchovina, you can come across a memorial built in memory of the battle of 1866.

Jizera Valley and Gallery


The valley of the Jizera River is a scenic valley surrounded with rock ridges. It is some 3 km long.

Císařská Chodba Gorge


The best known and most robust canyon in the Prachovské Skály.

Podtrosecká Údolí - valleys under Trosky


The Podtrosecká Údolí comprises several little valleys that form an arch to the north and northeast around Trosky Castle.

Plakánek Valley


The valley of Plakánek goes from Kost Castle around the Obora Pond to the village of Střehom.

Symbolic Climber Cemetery - Hruboskalsko

Hruba Skala

The symbolic cemetery was founded in memory of climbers who died during mountain expeditions.

Svatá Anna Hill


The mountain covered with forest is situated near Jičín.

Vyskeř Hill


The hill elevated 464 m above sea level is situated above the village of Vyskeř, about 13 km to the south from Turnov.