Private accommodation Bohemian Paradise

Lesovna Sobotka


Lesovna Sobotka offers accommodation in town Sobotka, in the tourist region Bohemian Paradise.

Cottage Podůlší


Cottage in Podůlší is situated in a quiet area near the main road from town Turnov to town Jicin, in the tourist region Czech Paradise. Accommodation is ideal as a starting place of many trips to rock city Hruboskalsko or surroundings of Jičín and Prachovské rocks. Simultaneously cottage is ideal for holidays with children –as capacity and large garden with great range of children - pool, sandpit, swings, trampoline and more.

Accommodation in private Burianová Eliška

Mala Skala

Accommodation Burianová Eliska is located in a quiet and peaceful location in the village Malá Skála, in the tourist region Czech Paradise, with beautiful views on Suché rocks.

Private accommodation Jarmila Drahoňovská

Hruba Skala

Private accommodation Jarmila Drahoňovská is located in the village Hruba Skala in the tourist region of Czech Paradise.

Accommodation in private Olga


Privat Olga offers accommodation in a quiet area on the outskirts of the city Železnice with a view of woodlands and meadows, in region Bohemian Paradise.

Accommodation in Private Pohoda

Hruba Skala

Pohoda offers private accommodation in the village of Hrubá Skála, on the edge of the Bohemian Paradise Protected Landscape Area.


Hruba Skala

Apartments Terezka is located in the heart of the tourist region Czech Paradise between the villages Hrubá Skála and Doubravice. Apartments Terezka is open back of heating season.

Pension Helga


Guest House Helga offers accommodation in the tourist region Czech Paradise. This is a family house, located in the town Zdar, near the castle Drábské světničky and Příhrazské rocks.

Apartment Sedmihorky


Apartments Sedmihorky offers accommodation in the tourist region Czech Paradise in the village Karlovice - Sedmihorky, which lies near the town Turnov.

Private accommodation Prokopovi

Mala Skala

Private accommodation Prokopovi is located in the center of village Malá Skála, which is one of the most attractive areas of the tourist region of Czech Paradise.

Residence U čerta v Ráji


Residence U čerta v Ráji is located in village Kacanovy, in the tourist region Czech Paradise. Apartment is located just 3 km from the castle Wallenstein, rock city Hruboskalsko and 5 km from town Turnov.

Accommodation Löffler, Přepeře


Apartment Löffler offers accommodation in a family house in the village Přepeře. Village Přepeře is located near the town Turnov, in the tourist region Czech Paradise. Village Přepeře are convenient starting point to many beautiful places in Czech Paradise such as Příhrazské rocks, castle Valečov, castle Drábské světničky and more.

Pension Maruška, Žehrov


Pension Maruska, is located in the village Zdar, in the part called Zehrov. Pension offers accommodation in apartments. The village of Zdar and its surroundings is a very popular tourist location because it offers quiet accommodation and at the same time proximity to attractive tourist destinations in the Bohemian Paradise.