Protected landscape areas

Protected landscape area Bohemian Paradise


The very first protected landscape area in our country was declared in 1955 just within the area of Český Ráj.

The territory of Bohemian Paradise - Global UNESCO Network of Geoparks - European Geoparks Network


The territory of Český Ráj comprises a wide range of geological phenomena: it is, in fact, a real geological atlas. Therefore, in October 2005 it was added to the list of the European Geoparks Network.

Bozkovské Dolomite Caves


The largest caves in the northeastern part of Bohemia. The caves are open to public for guided tours. The tours are not physically challenging and are offered to families with children.

Nature preserve Bažantník


Bažantník is a nature preserved pond with marshy meadows. It was declared in 1998.

Bukovina Arboretum


It is situated at the platform of Hruboskalsko, at the Golden Trail of Český Ráj, not far from Hrubá Skála Castle.

Hill Káčov

Mnichovo Hradiste

Hill Káčov, 350 m, is a natural place of interest. It is a volcanic basaltic vein situated at the confluence of the rivers Mohelka and Jizera

Skalní Sruby Jizery Nature Monument

Mnichovo Hradiste

The geomorphologically attractive canyon formed by the right bank of the Jizera River is located two kilometres to the southwest from Mnichovo Hradiště. Because of the river erosion, well washed-out banks and chambers have been formed in the otherwise lime rock.

Natural monument Klokočka

Bela pod Bezdezem

Klokočka is a part of the floodplain of Bělá brook. It is situated along the railway line in Velký Rečkov.