Walking routes

The Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise - Optional section: Jičín – Prachovské skály – Jičín (16 km)


Route: JIČÍN – Kbelnice – Brada – Prachov – Tourist chalet – Horní Lochov – Holín – JIČÍN

Kozinec near Nová Paka - hiking trip to lookout tower

Nova Paka

Nová Paka region is very interesting because of its minerals. In town surrounding areas one can find agate and other precious kinds of quartz, in the sediments of last period of paleozoic: fossils of tree trunks, and in some of the creeks we could be rinsing gold.

The Semily area: Over Bozkov to Trails


A moderate trip – 16 km.

Hlavatice - hiking trip to lookout tower


Hlavatice is positioned on so called Golden Trail of the Bohemian Paradise, above Turnov, and here our journey starts.

The Nová Paka area: From Stará Paka to Levín

Nova Paka

Any easy trip will teach you about geology and history – 13 km.

The Železný Brod Area: To Riegrova stezka from Železný Brod

Zelezny Brod

A moderate trip through the Jizera Canyon and above it – 14 km.

Around Humprecht and Kost Castles


This moderate trip (red level of difficulty) will take you to the Sobotka area, the Humprecht hunting chateau and Kost, the best preserved castle in Bohemia.

The Turnov area: around the guard castles above the Jizera


A trip of medium difficulty through the cliffs which will lead you to the remains of four castles and around the Jizera. It is 23 km long. The circular trip leads from Turnov to Frýdštejn, Malá Skála and then back to Turnov.

A loop from Malá Skála to Turnov and back

Mala Skala

This trip (black level of difficulty) will take you to the Malá Skála and Turnov areas.

The Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise - Mladá Boleslav – The Mnichovo Hradiště Section (24 km)

Mlada Boleslav

Route: MLADÁ BOLESLAV – Michalovice – Josefův Důl – Bakov nad Jizerou – Klokočka – Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou – MNICHOVO HRADIŠTĚ

Kopanina - hiking trip to lookout tower


The best place to start the trip to Kopanina is Malá Skála which is easy to get to, and which has well developed tourist base.

Palacký Path


The Palacký Path leads through the finest section of the Kamenice River and takes visitors as far as the ruins of the medieval castle of Návarov.

The Lomnice area: From Železnice to Bradlec


An easy trip – 11 km.

Kozákov - hiking trip to lookout tower


Kozákov is the highest peak of the Bohemian Paradise, on the outskirts of the region in the place where it is neighbouring with the Jizerské mountains. It is true we will find the point which is higher by 100 metres, but the symbol of the whole region is Kozákov, among other things because on its slopes we will find sandstone rocks which are typical to the Bohemian Paradise. The highest point on which is located the lookout tower and a tourist lodge Riegrova chata was not originally the highest point of the summit, but the volcanic channel located about 2 km in the north-west direction. From the end of its volcanic activity, it means 4,5 mln. years ago, the mountain height increased by about 300 metres. It is now 744 m above sea level.

The Železný Brod Area: To Besedické skály from Železný Brod

Zelezny Brod

An easier trip through the Malá Skála area – 16 km.

The Golden Path of Bohemian Paradise - The Libošovice – Trosky – Hrubá Skála – Turnov Section (24 km)


Route: LIBOŠOVICE – the U Přibyla fork – Podsemínský mlýn Mill – Nebákov – Troskovice – Vidlák – Hrubá Skála Chateau –Valdštejn Castle – TURNOV

The Semily area: Towards Far and Deep Views


A moderate trip – 15 km.

Čeřovka (Milohlídka) - hiking trip to lookout tower


Albrecht von Wallenstein (hero of The Thirty Year War and the richest man after the emperor in Austrian monarchy) thinking about his landscape compositions, really had where to take his ideas from. Volcanic hills near Jičín bring special character to the valley. On the hill Veliš once was a castle, on Zebín is even now a chapel, and between the two of them is the summit Čeřovka. Its location near Valdice Alley encourages a walk rather than a long excursion.

The Semily area: The Views around Semily


To Jára Cimrman’s lookout tower – 6 km, from Semily to Moravia – 9 km).